Skipper Dean - Family Man

Skipper Dean: Family Man

After many years of recording with various groups and working on other artists’ projects, it was time to step out front and showcase Skipper Dean in the way he felt it should be done; an album that represents who he is; something he hopes the many people who have supported him throughout the years will enjoy. FAMILY MAN is that product.
On the evening of June 8th, in the Telus theatre Montreal, Family Man débuts in the style Skipper's fans have come to expect.

Many months of hard work have gone into this project. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have participated with love and great dedication. Friends & artists like George Klaus and Pedro Ullmann. For the moral support & never-ending friendship from Tony Yearwood, and all the great collaborators andSkipper Dean - FAMILY MAN musicians; Charles Bell, Barbara Reney, Graham Chambers, Dave (mousie) Edmead, Cecile Do-Kingue, Marla Kaplan, Kevin De Souza, Daniel Joseph, Richard Beaudet, Muhammed Abdul Al-khabyyr, Ron Di Laurio, Dan Martel, Debra Marshall and Suzanne De Lamontagne.

From the cast of Esquire Showbar: Michael Dozier, his father and longtime friend Jimmy Dooley, Don Jordan, Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Franck Julien, Andrew Leader, Brigette Desy who graciously gave of their time and talent; Much love. To the family members who lent their vocal talents to this project: Timmy Edmonds, Glenn Dean, Keith Dean & Jerome Mercier. Thank you!

Special Thanks to Rev. Darryl Gray & Bill Szawlowski, Dana Edmonds (niece) and Danny Cianfarra.

 Many thanks to Keith Dean for all his hard work in arranging the launch. Also special thanks to Orson Clarke, Tim Roberts, Freddie James, Blair Sherwood, Kathy Watt, Steve Moran, Eric Khayat and Diane Robichaud for adding their musical talents to the event.

Last but not least, for the consistent support of the rest of the family; Penny, Vanessa, Jeremy, Mark, Solange, Amphorn,  Sean, Sabrina and the Grandchildren. Thank you!

As you can see, FAMILY MAN is an apt title for both Skipper & the album. It is our hope that all who attend will enjoy this compilation as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to life. The Family.

© 2010. Skipper Dean. All Rights Reserved.